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I'm no body-language expert, but Martin Margiela's particularly jumpy models were definitely trying to tell us something with the contorted postures, skittish scampering, and twisted appendages that they exacted on the show's runway yesterday.


Zipping back and forth along the catwalk, the over stylized beauties were seen hunched over, anxiously grasping their handbags with warped hands, their eyes darting here and there — as if something backstage had them shitspiralling.


Bedecked in fuzzy slippers (yes, they're baaaaaack, to haunt you in your sleep), velvet blazers, and lacy floor-length gowns, Margiela's designs felt as scattered as his models looked.


However, the makeup we actually understood: although a bit over the top, stopping just short of clownish, the electrifying pouts and eyes were so on par with the face paint trend we mentioned earlier.

margiela makeup

The eye-popping hues of hot orange and teal felt like a color palette that could help easily fight style S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) next winter, but I think we'll all cool our heels on the manic sprint the collection inspired.


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