Weird How Mississippi's Cindy Hyde-Smith Is Super Popular With Racist Lunatics

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Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith is currently trying to defend her seat against Mike Espy, a former secretary of agriculture who is also a black man, and yeah, you see where this is going. If Hyde-Smith’s name sounds familiar, it’s because she’s the one who has been repeatedly saying wildly racist shit, which is uh... resonating with a certain group of people (Nazis).

A new report in the political newsletter Popular Information shows Hyde-Smith’s campaign recently received $1,000 from George Malvaney, a former member of the Ku Klux Klan who, hold on, just read this shit. This is incredible. Per Popular Information:

Malvaney was discharged from the U.S. Navy in 1979 after he organized a Klavernaboard a combat ship. Following his release from the military, Malvaney was part of a failed plot by white supremacists to overthrow the small Caribbean island of Dominica. The bungled operation is known as the Bayou of Pigs.

The attempted coup was disrupted by federal agents in Lousiana before it started. Malvaney and his co-conspirators were found with “eight Bushmaster automatic rifles, 10 shotguns, five rifles, 10 handguns, 10 pounds of dynamite and 5,246 rounds of ammunition.” The men also had “a large red and black Nazi flag.”


Holy shit man! This dude tried to overthrow a country and he’s still just walking around donating money to political candidates and stuff (he runs a company now!) This isn’t his first donation either: Popular Information notes that he also donated $2,700 to her in May. Malvaney claims he’s changed his ways and is no longer a giant racist but like, whoo. Ok.

Anyway, Malvaney isn’t the only super sketchy Hyde-Smith fan. (For reference, due to some weird laws in Mississippi, the Hyde-Smith—Espy race to replace Thad Cochran will be decided in a runoff election on the 27th).


Earlier this month, Hyde-Smith returned $2,700 donated to her campaign to Peter Zieve, who owns aerospace supplier Electroimpact, and is also a gigantic weird creepy racist.

Per NBC:

Zieve was sued in 2017 by the state of Washington for refusing to hire Muslims at his company and expressed “hatred” for Muslims at work, according to court records. He also offered $1,000 “marriage bonuses” and “child bonuses” to employees to encourage them to procreate, according to the lawsuit, writing in an email revealed in court documents that he wanted to prevent the U.S. from becoming “backfilled with rubbish from the desperate and criminal populations of the Third World.” He was also accused of requiring applicants to submit photos of themselves before applying for engineering jobs at his company, records show.


Anyway, here’s the clip that seemingly started it all, where she jokes about attending a public hanging:


She sort of tried to apologize for the hanging gaffe during a debate with Espy on Tuesday, likely because some of this shit is actually starting to catch up with her. After the hanging comments and the voter suppression comments, Walmart pulled its support of her campaign on Tuesday. If you’re too racist for Walmart, man, wow. Napster founder Sean Parker is in great company on this donor’s list.