Welcome to Dear Dodai, An Advice Column for Navigating All Things Problematic

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Experiencing sexist microaggressions at work? Coerced into spending holidays with Trump-voter in-laws? Beset upon by racists? Let me help you help yourself. Splinter presents DEAR DODAI, an advice column to help you navigate the awful world out there.

DO: Send me questions about racists, sexists, Islamophobes, oppressive workplaces, woke misogynists, whether it’s okay to buy Aunt Jemima syrup, people who still use the term “illegals,” and dealing with other old-school thinking.

DO NOT: Ask me for straightforward advice about love, relationships, money, work, or how to handle your nosy neighbors and noisy roommates—unless it’s related to one of the above (see, DOs). Maybe Jane at Jezebel can help you?


DO: Email me at deardodai@splinternews.com, or leave a comment below. Advice seekers will always be anonymous—your problems are safe with us.