Welcome to the Union Vox Media!

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For the last few months, employees at Vox Media have been pushing their bosses to voluntarily recognize their union. On Thursday, the organizing committee announced that this would finally be happening:


In November, Vox workers publicly announced that a majority of the unit had signed cards to join the Writer’s Guild of America East, which also represents Splinter and the rest of the Gizmodo Media Group. Since then, management at Vox has dragged its heels in recognizing the right of its employees to collectively organize. Last week Vox workers held a Slack strike to pressure their employers to do the right thing:

Vox will join a number of other digital media companies, such as GMG, HuffPost, Vice, and The Intercept, who have all unionized in recent years. If your media company doesn’t have a union, it needs one. Welcome to the family, Vox!

Update: 3:10 PM: Vox Media sent the following statement:

We have come to an agreement with the WGAE on which roles will be part of a WGAE collective bargaining unit at Vox Media. We’ll be working with WGAE over the next week to finalize and sign a recognition agreement to voluntarily recognize the Vox Media Union. We look forward to working with union representatives and our employees to continue to make Vox Media the best modern media company.

Clio Chang is a staff writer at Splinter.