Well It Turns Out This Isn't The Year That the Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Page Stops Being Racist

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Some people want news about mergers and acquisitions. Other people want to relive the glory years of the John Birch society. Why not offer those audiences a world-class business newspaper that comes with an insane far-right op-ed page, included free? That’s just good business sense.

In the media these days you need a strong “niche” to survive, which is why the Wall Street Journal has staked out a strong claim to the “Rarefied investment banking news and white supremacist newsletter all in one” niche. It’s a new year, so let’s check in on how the WSJ opinion section is adapting to a changing nation rich in diversity of cultures and...

Mr. Smith and his think-alikes seek to transform debate into an ersatz course in Black Studies. In a major 2014 debate finals, two Towson University students sidestepped the nominal resolution, which had to do with restricting a president’s war powers, in order to argue that war “should not be waged against n—as.” Two other students decided that rather than debate aspects of U.S. policy in the Mideast, they’d discuss how the common practices of the debate community itself perpetuate racism. Other recent debates involving black participants have devolved into original rap music. [!!!-ed.]


As the classic Wall Street saying goes, “You can’t time the markets, and also, always keep your eyes open for any opportunity to turn a story about college debate clubs into a lurching, racist screed.”

There’s always next year!

Senior Writer. Hamilton@SplinterNews.com

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