Wendy's got into big trouble for tweeting this infamous white supremacist meme

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Remember when brands tweeting internet-savvy things felt cool and unexpected? Me either.


If it feels like just yesterday that Wendy's–the fast food chain that sells the square hamburgers–was a brand darling on Twitter, that's because it was. And now it's not.

The action started on Tuesday when a user with fewer than 300 followers tweeted his rather ornery thoughts about Wendy's beef, saying "Like you're really a joke" to the restaurant chain, which has 6,500 locations around the globe.

The gauntlet was thrown. @Wendys simply would not let this disrespect slide, engaging in an exchange that culminated in the user evoking McDonald's and @Wendys making a joke about how the the Twitter hater forgot about refrigerators. It was all very cute!

Cruising on the strength of that epic win, @Wendys pushed the envelope even further on Wednesday, tweeting a photo of the reviled frog meme Pepe when another Twitter rando humbly asked the fast food conglomerate, "Got any memes?"


The Pepe meme, which began as a character in an online comic, has been so wholly co-opted by the internet-dwelling, unrepentant racists of the so-called "alt-right" that the Anti-Defamation League has added the frog to its database of hate symbols.

But whoever runs the account—a person who presumably makes a living spending what looks like every waking moment on Twitter—apparently didn't know that, according to his or her (though let's be real, it's definitely a his) bosses. After deleting the meme, @Wendys started tweeting this statement at users:


By the afternoon, @Wendys was back to blithely tweeting emojis at lightning speed.

Never forget: brands are not your friends.