We're Not Dead Yet: Splinter's State of the Union 2019 Live Blog

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Illustration: Jim Cooke (GMG), Photo: Getty

We hoped this day would never come.

But after multiple encouraging false starts, the day of President Trump’s second State of the Union address is upon us. It’s already so stupid: Trump invited a kid who’s bullied because he’s also named Trump, there’s going to be a ton of shit metaphors about bridges (and probably walls), and the president’s even expected to pretend like he cares about abortion, that issue nearest and dearest to evangelical voters.


It’s gonna suck! But we’ll do our best to make it better with editors and writers providing live commentary during the speech (which starts at 9 p.m. ET), Stacey Abrams’ Democratic response, and maybe, just to drive people even more crazy, whatever Bernie’s going to do on Facebook. Join us!

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