Were these two Minnesota state representatives making out in a parking lot?

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Here's what we know. We have two Minnesota state representatives: Tim Kelly (age 51) and Tara Mack (age 32), both Republicans. Kelly is a married to a woman named Sue and has four kids, according to his work profile; Mack is a married to a man named Justin and also has two kids. And, according to a police report obtained by NBC Minnesota, Dakota County Parks Ranger Jordan Moses recently found the two making out in a parking lot. "When I approached the female's pants were unzipped and pulled down," Moses wrote in the police report. Moses issued both parties a citation for public nuisance.

For their part, Kelly and Mack deny the allegations. Kelly told the Pioneer Press that the ranger approached the car because of a parking violation, and then became "agitated" after Kelly questioned him about the validity of the citation. He also told his hometown newspaper, the Red Wing Republican Eaglethat "it seems very convenient it’s released now." (He did not elaborate any further on why, exactly, this was a particularly convenient time.). Mack told the Pioneer Press the allegations were "egregious and false."


Neither Kelly nor Mack's offices responded to requests for comment.

Meanwhile, Dakota County Sheriff Tim Leslie is basically shrugging his shoulders and asking why the ranger would want to make something like this up:

Leslie said he has no reason to doubt the ranger, whom he said was simply making a routine patrol.

The ranger — a part-time civilian employee, hired this year and charged with patrolling and enforcing park ordinances — has no discipline on his record and is being considered for a commendation, Leslie said.


"The only people who understand will be the people who know me personally," Kelly told the Pioneer Press.

That doesn't really make sense, but sure!

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.