We've translated the alleged 'ISIS flag' spotted at London Pride

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You might have heard that an alleged "ISIS flag" was spotted at London's annual Pride parade, as Gawker reported. You might think that sounds dumb and couldn't actually be true. Or you might not. Let's take a second to look at the facts.

A CNN International journalist called in to CNN's Newsroom on Saturday to share a photo that she took at the LGBTQ-focused event of a man waving "what appears to be…a very clear attempt to mimic the ISIS flag." Although concerned, she was unable to translate the flag's lettering ("It looks like it could be gobbledygook.") That's where I come in.

1. Take a look at this flag.


2. Take a closer look at this flag.

3. This is not an ISIS flag.


4. This isn't even an ISIL flag.

5. Here's how I figured it out.


6. Step one:

7. There are no more steps.

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