What a Real Live Union-Busting Seminar Looks Like

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How do companies learn how to stay “union-free?” They are taught by consultants provided by their local Chamber of Commerce. And here is exactly what that looks like.


Though a state’s Chamber of Commerce may have the public image as the soul of upright citizenship, they are to varying degrees villainous tools of capital that act directly to squeeze the wages of working people in order to benefit their employers. And here is a fine example of that: on October 17, the Indiana Chamber of Commerce is offering a “Remaining Union-Free Seminar” to its corporate members.

Less than 9% of Indiana’s workforce are union members, down from 12% a decade ago. I wonder why? The Indiana Chamber of Commerce says that its upcoming seminar, led by union-busting experts from the law firm of Barnes & Thornburgh, is “ideal” for CEOs, HR managers, Hospital Administrators, and other corporate officers—and its contents must really be something. From the description, bolding ours:

Program Information

Exact location in Indianapolis will be sent to you within 24 hours of your registration or the following business day. Registration is limited strictly to management personnel directly from a corporation. Please note: The discussion will be frank. The use of recording devices is strictly prohibited. Attendance is limited to representatives of business organizations only. Individuals affiliated with union organizations are not eligible for registration. The Indiana Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to refuse participation in the program to anyone other than a bonafide management representative.

The agenda for this all-day seminar includes such items as:

  • “Making Unions Irrelevant to Your Workforce: Early positive outcomes from the Trump board”
  • “Avoiding the Union Organizer Altogether: Real-world specific steps you can take to increase your chances of defeating organizing from the first day of employment”
  • “Why employees are vulnerable to union organizing”

For the last point, perhaps the seminar features a large mirror.

The full letter from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce to its members is below.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.
This image was removed due to legal reasons.

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