Image by Saad Faruque/Flickr, Edits by Alex Alvarez/Fusion

What does your email sign-off say about you? A lot, as it turns out. The way you close your email, particularly in professional, work-related correspondence, gives whoever you're writing to a little glimpse at who you are and what you're all about, whether that means you're professional, laid back, flirty, or a psychopathic maniac.

Let's take a closer look. You flirty maniac, you:

Best, - Sincere, tasteful, understated.

Yours - Deep, hot sincerity.

“Ta” - Someone actually said told us they use this. Short for “ta ta.” Shorter for "it's hard to type whilst wielding a cigarette holder in my dilapidated Sunset Boulevard manse, dahling."

“Thoughts?” - This says "I hate you, but 'shut up and agree with me' seems harsh."


Toodles - "I am drunk."

Cheers - This is among the most divisive. You're either desperately trying to be chill 'n cool, or you're from the UK. High likelihood of perceived fedorability. You probably wear a vest.


Yours truly - You carried over your go-to thank you note signature to the digital realm but it doesn't translate. Acceptable in writing, not email.


Thanks. - F%$#*ING GET IT DONE

Thanks so much, - I really appreciate you. But get it done.


thnx - Really too busy and important to add two extra letters 4 u.

Peace - Super chill. You're probably a stoner. The only person we know to have actually used this in a professional capacity was a handsome, wonderful red-bearded hippie named Sully who had a shoulder tattoo of the Earth being held by two hands, which looked a lot like this. Text below Earth image read "SHE IS OURS, WE ARE HERS." Peace.


Take care, - You care about this person but don't know him or her too well and don't want to seem too clingy or familiar.


Xoxo - This person is definitely going to play some hardcore, nasty, sweaty footsie with you under the table at the next editorial meeting. Or this is a friend. Or someone who thinks he's your friend. And wants to play nasty footsie. With your heart.

Xoxooooooooo - You are Fusion Live host Pedro Andrade. And/or you just have impeccable taste in email sign-offs.


Truly yours - Will never be yours, but really wants to ask you a favor.


Regards. - "F*&% you/"

Sincerely - I'm not here to make friends. Not sincere.

Respectfully, - "I just said something really mean but in such a way that you can't report me to HR over it." *spins in office chair, double middle fingers in the air*


xxxxx. - Either you’re British, in which case: Cool, provocative. Otherwise you are trying to be Euro and it doesn’t work.


From: - you're classic / a cyborg.

Thinking of you - "…and maybe we can [beep]."


Forever yours - You are inappropriate.

Salutations - You were born in the 1800s

Kthxbai - You’re actually probably funny. Let’s hang out.


Alexandra DiPalma is a producer for Fusion Lightworks, Fusion’s In-house Branded Content Agency.