What exactly is happening in this picture of Ivanka Trump and Anita Hill?

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Today, during Fortune Magazine's Most Powerful Women Summit, a very curious thing happened: Ivanka Trump bumped into Anita Hill and apparently, the two of them had a lively discussion about…something.


Fortune columnist and frequent Fox News talking head (her words), Nina Easton caught the chance encounter on camera and managed to capture a snapshot of what appeared to be a spirited exchange in which both Trump and Hill waved their hands at one another while wearing enigmatic expressions.


It's very possible that Trump was making a case for her father not actually being the serial sexual assaulter that his own comments and the accusations of multiple women have made him out to out to be. If that were the case, it's also very possible that Hill, the woman who changed the way the world understood workplace harassment after accusing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual impropriety—and who wrote a powerful column denouncing Donald Trump just last week—was politely dismissing Trump's assertions that people just don't understand her father the way she does.

Then again, the two could have just as easily been talking about the weather. The world may never know.

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