What Is Scott Pruitt Smonking???

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The New York Times dropped a scoop Wednesday afternoon reporting that EPA chief Scott Pruitt wanted to redesign the department’s “challenge coins” (basically memorabilia pogs) to make it more of a “Pruitt coin” by removing the agency’s symbol in favor of his own name. He reportedly wanted to do the same thing with a number of other promotional items, like leather-bound notebooks, fountain pens, and stationery.

But the shocker comes when a source told the Times that Pruitt didn’t like the EPA seal and wanted to drop it because he thought it looks like a marijuana leaf.

Here is what the EPA seal looks like:


Which leads us at Splinter to ask the obvious question: What the hell has Scott Pruitt been smonking??? Bags of tulips? The fire flower from the legendary Mario games? Is The Office episode where Michael Scott buys two pounds of Caprese salad for $500 because he thinks it’s weed based off of the real life experiences of Scott Pruitt?

Someone get this man a joint, stat.