What it's like to be mobbed by Trump supporters on the convention floor

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Jodie Evans said she expected security to drag her out of the Republican National Convention when she pulled out a banner that read “No Racism, No Hate.”

But convention-goers got to her first and at one point wrapped an American flag around her head in an attempt to stop from her chanting the same message.

“I was not ready for the brutality,” Evans, the co-founder of the anti-war group CodePink, told Fusion.

Evans said her organization has “been concerned about Trump’s hate since the beginning because we know hate leads to war, both globally and locally.”


Evans said she has protested inside every convention, Republican and Democratic, since 2004 and has never experienced a crowd response as aggressive as she encountered on Tuesday evening, when she displayed the banner after Dr. Ben Carson spoke to delegates.

“It’s probably the worst [experience] I can think of,” Evans told Fusion in a telephone interview. “Everyone around me felt the right to pull at me, grab and choke me with a flag."

“When they covered me with the flag I raised my hands with a peace sign to continue my message,” she said.

Security ultimately escorted Evans out of the arena, but she said she chanted, “No racism, no hate” and “We want a peace president” until she made it to the sidewalk outside the arena, where her supporters were waiting for her.


Evans, who lives in Venice, California, said she is headed to the DNC next week.

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