What Kim and Kanye ate in Jerusalem (Polenta, lamb risotto and more)

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An ultra-Orthodox Israeli paper is getting some major international side-eye for cropping Kim Kardashian out of a photo in which she appears with Kanye West and Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat at an Israeli restaurant. Well, not so much cropping out as replacing her with a receipt of their meal:

Screengrab from Kikar HaShabbat.

It's not uncommon for religious outlets to remove women from photos — another site, Hamevaser, photoshopped German Chancellor Angela Merkel out of a photo back in January. In that case, you wouldn't know Merkel was there if you just glanced at the photo. This one's a tad more suspicious.


The not-so-subtle receipt placement makes (slightly) more sense in the context of the story which is, basically, about the receipt. The article takes issue with Barkat’s sharing a meal at the non-Kosher establishment (he says he didn't partake in non-Kosher items). Anyway! The close-up of the receipt offers us the opportunity to find out how the golden couple dines abroad.


Screengrab from Kikar HaShabbat.

Some translating and a bit of cross-referencing with the restaurant’s menu reveals much. Like lots of wine. And a hamburger. Here's as much of the itemized list as we could make out:

- Coke

- Fish carpaccio

- Artichoke

- Lamb risotto

- Pea soup

- Polenta (starter)

- Bourguignon (main)

- Butter chicken with [potatoes?] gratin

- Hamburger

- Tasting menu

- Lemonade

- Glass of Sauvignon

- Glass of Chablis

- [unclear]

- Lemon tart

- Bottle(s) of Margalit Special Reserve wine

The total cost came to 2430 NIS, or about $613. They tipped 314 NIS, or about $79. According to Trip Advisor, a 12% tip is the average in Israel, but for a couple who wanted to get married at Versailles, it seems a little low. (Of course, maybe the mayor paid?)

Danielle Wiener-Bronner is a news reporter.