Twitter/Kara Swisher

Earlier this week, tech journalist Kara Swisher tweeted a photo of Twitter/Square co-founder Jack Dorsey. Normally, Dorsey is close to clean-shaven, but on this day, the tech mogul was sporting what Swisher called a "Lincoln beard."

Swisher called Dorsey's beard style a "big trend out here" in Silicon Valley, and she's not wrong—these days, you can't stroll through San Francisco without seeing at least a half-dozen young men sporting the close-on-the-cheeks, long-on-the-chin facial hair look. (Although there's some argument over whether a true Lincoln beard can include a mustache, or whether it has to be merely a chin curtain.) Lincoln beards are to Silicon Valley what man-buns are to Williamsburg. So we thought: what other tech luminaries would look good with Jack Dorsey's facial hair?

1. Apple CEO Tim Cook could rock the look.


2. Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen could disrupt facial hair.

3. Elon Musk could take the Lincoln look intergalactic.


4. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos could soften up his image by going Lincoln.

5. "A million beard-hairs aren't cool. You know what's cool?"


6. We don't want to restrict the Lincoln look to men, though. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer could try it out.

7. And, of course, no Lincoln beard look-book would be complete without Kara Swisher herself.