The carpet struggle is real, y'all. Sometimes your favorite style stars hit it right on the mark with an ensemble you'll be talking about for years to come, while other times… oof, they are just weeble-wobbling all over the red carpet with a look that was so much better in theory than in execution. Here are five of last night's victims—let's determine exactly where they went terribly wrong.

Ariana Grande in Versace

The Struggle: The infantilization of overgrown baby Ariana Grande persists! Despite her robust voice and the size of that trademark ponytail, the 21-year-old singer has failed to hit mature notes when it comes to her fashunz. For example, this Versace gown has all the makings of a "grooooooooown woman," but peep the hem: it's a hack job and the overall fit is off, with the gown swallowing the pint-sized songstress whole. Also, that errant chainmail detail mystifies me. Something perfectly tailored to her frame would have been a better option, along with letting her hair down from this tired half-up/half-down 'do.


Katherine McPhee in Emilio Pucci

The Struggle: The American Idol winner actually makes me uncomfortable just looking at her. The "imprisoned" bosom, the slicked wet-hair style that falls flat on everyone save for a Kardashian, the pained, awkward expression… the singer looks like she just wants to be wearing pants. And that's what she should have done, like all the legions of elegant and comfortable women who attended last night's ceremony. When in doubt, just wear pants.


Kim Kardashian West in Jean Paul Gaultier and Kanye West in Lanvin

The Struggle: It's common knowledge that the Wests pride themselves on being "different": avant-garde, kouture, on another style tip than the rest of us mere mortals. But I think a gilded, beaded bathrobe is not the direction in which the fashion pendulum is swinging, my dear. I understand Kanye has a strong say in his wife's styling decisions, but I think the common adage of "Never trust a man in pirate boots" really applies here. I mean, that adage doesn't really exist, but it should.


Iggy Azalea in custom Armani PrivĂŠ

The Struggle: I won't pour salt into an already open, festering wound: polarizing rap (?) star Iggy Azalea was losing before she even arrived on the red carpet last night. Not only in two out of her four categories that were awarded before the show's taping, but also after her Twitter tussle with the pizza king, Papa John (does the Aussie hold no American tradition sacred?). And then she steps out of the limo with this ill-advised braided crown atop her head. I mean, she just stays losing. The custom blue couture gown from Armani PrivÊ is actually stunning, but the Aussie raptress looks like she's yodeling atop a hill, all by her damn self. A long side braid might have saved an already embarrassing evening from getting much, much worse.
P.S. I don't feel bad for her. Neither should you.

All photos via Getty Images

Marjon Carlos is a style and culture writer for Fusion who boasts a strong turtleneck game and opinions on the subjects of fashion, gender, race, pop culture, and men's footwear.