What the Hell Happened in New Hampshire, Mike Pence?

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Earlier this month, Vice President Mike Pence abruptly canceled a planned trip to New Hampshire, backing out of the trip after he had actually boarded Air Force 2 in Maryland but before takeoff. As the New York Times noted at the time, it was an extremely rare happening, one that’s still not been fully explained.

After the decision, Pence’s press team didn’t do him any favors, noting only that “something came up” and it was “no cause for alarm,” which of course meant that everyone assumed it was absolutely cause for alarm. Now, in an interview with CBS on Sunday, Pence did absolutely nothing to dampen the general “uhhh... what?” nature of the scrapped trip:


“Circumstance on the ground” ... “no longer appropriate?” What the hell does that mean? What could possibly be going on in New Hampshire that caused you to abruptly cancel a trip? The only thing I can think of is that there was a security threat to Pence or his team in... New Hampshire, I guess, which made his staff or security scrap the trip at the last minute. It’s possible that the nature of the threat or the investigation into it requires the VP to stay tight-lipped about the whole thing, instead of playing it up for all its worth, as would be this administration’s nature. But at the time and shortly after, Pence staffers were keeping quiet, with his chief of staff Marc Short telling reporters about a week later that we might know more “in a few weeks.”

Will we get answers? Who knows! But Pence and co. are certainly taking their sweet time revealing... literally anything, which definitely doesn’t make anyone less interested. I eagerly await the resolution of this story, which is almost certainly going to have the dumbest possible explanation.

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