What the Hell Is Ivanka Trump Even Talking About Anymore

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Ivanka Trump gave a rare sit-down interview with Good Morning America’s Deborah Roberts on Wednesday, where she pretended that everything is just fine and dandy in her father’s administration, and in her senior role which she acquired based solely on her private sector accomplishments and nothing else.


Asked whether her father was “creating more of a climate for hatred” in the United States, Ivanka said, “I reject that,” before launching into a shpiel about “creating policy that’s going to lift all Americans.


“Sometimes the expressions of anger and resistance are the moment before you really start to engage in earnest,” she added, which sounds like something better suited for an inspirational poster with featuring a black and white photograph of a crew team rowing across a misty lake.

Ivanka also used the interview to point out that using a personal email address to conduct government business is totally fine if your name is Ivanka Trump.

She also paid lip service to the notion of authentic human empathy when she described the images of mothers shielding children from a cross-border chemical attack on migrant asylum seekers “devastating.” But, she insisted, her dad was still doing the right thing. Oh, and on the issue of her father authorizing the use “lethal force” on migrants? Here’s her word salad answer in full:

I...don’t believe that that’s...what he said. But his primary role as commander in chief is obviously to protect the nation’s borders. He has to protect our country’s security. But, I don’t... Lethal force in this case...would... that is not, I think, something that anyone’s talking about.


Roberts then played footage of the president authorizing lethal force just one week earlier, prompting Ivanka to claim that, actually, Trump was just talking about killing bad guys and only bad guys. And only as a last resort. And besides, she didn’t like it anyway.


When asked if she had made any mistakes, she intoned, “I think if you don’t have regrets, you’re not introspective.”

What regrets are those, exactly?

“I think misunderstanding the nature of bureaucracy,” Ivanka said. Because when it comes to an administration that cages children, praises Nazis, and tries to reduce the LGBTQ community to second class citizens, the real regret is that she didn’t understand how to do it more effectively.


“I actually have experienced on a personal level this tremendous growth in my own sense of self. In seeing more brightly my own compass and signal,” she added a short while after. “I’m so much less motivated by ameliorating the critics than I think I ever would have been.”


Wow, Ivanka. Congrats!

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