What the hell is on this J.Crew sweater?

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Close your eyes and imagine you're standing on the shore of a lake in late summer, watching the sunset, when a fisherman suddenly casts his line into your torso. J.Crew's fall line for women sets out to capture that magical feeling with the Collection Lure Brooch Sweatshirt.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

There are at least three things we love about this sweater with a distinctively feathery brooch, which can be yours for the price of $118:

a) It looks like an exotic bird's migration south came to an untimely end when he collided with this model's ribcage at 60 mph.


b) The product description notes that it was "inspired by fancy fishing lures." Not regular, J.Crew Factory fishing lures, you see—fancy ones.

c) This telling detail: "Bonus: The brooch is removable."

If there are no single dudes around, J.Crew seemingly suggests, you might as well try to hook a largemouth bass.

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