What the Hell Was That

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

On Thursday, Donald Trump faced perhaps the biggest crisis of his presidency: People weren’t really paying attention to him.


The big news was happening in Congress, where Democrats retook control of the House and Nancy Pelosi was elected as Speaker of the House. Trump tweeted a psychotic video about the “crisis on the border,” but even that didn’t pull a sufficient amount of focus towards him. There was only one thing to be done: Get himself in front of a camera. So that is what Trump did, making a surprise appearance in the White House press briefing room after his press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave reporters a whole five minutes of warning.

I would love to tell you that Trump spent his time in the briefing room discussing anything of note, but, after a pro forma nod to Pelosi’s triumph, he rambled about his dumb wall and how it was good and how it was necessary and about scary immigrants and other stuff.

He then turned the mic over to some other guys, who also talked about how the wall was good and how immigrants were scary and how even though you may have heard that most people don’t like this government shutdown it’s not true and how a lot of people do like the shutdown because they want the wall and did they tell you that the wall is good?

Then it was over, and Trump and his entourage left and all the reporters started screaming at him and Sanders because they were allowed to ask a total of zero questions.


Watch the whole useless thing below if you feel like it.

Deputy Editor, Splinter