What you can do on Transgender Day of Remembrance

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Today marks Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day to honor the memory of people who died at the hands of anti-trans violence.


While 2015 has been an unprecedented year of transgender media visibility, it has also been a year of increased anti-trans violence. More than 20 transgender and gender-nonconforming people have been reported killed over the past 11 months, the majority of whom were trans women and most of whom were trans women of color.


So, why not take some time today to learn more about the history of Transgender Day of Remembrance?

Stop by one of the hundreds of TDOR-related events planned all over the world on your way home from work tonight.

Read the stories shared under the #TDOR hashtag on Twitter.

Learn more about Papi Edwards, Zella Ziona, and Mya Hall over at The Advocate.

Watch media activist Cherno Biko's heartbreaking Huffington Post interview about her friend, Keisha Jenkins, and check out Diana Tourjee's investigative report on Jenkins' life in Philadelphia for Broadly.


Read Meredith Talusan's reflective look back at "The First Murdered Trans Woman I Mourned" for BuzzFeed.

See these pieces created for the Trans Day of Resilience Art Project.

And, perhaps most importantly, don't forget about all of this once Nov. 21 rolls around.


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