What you need to know about tonight's Golden Globes (except who won, we don't know that yet)

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The Golden Globes are here again! Wooo!

Yes, it's that time of the year, when the world's second-most-important (but first-most-entertaining) awards show struts its stuff. The Globes are always a slightly chintzier affair when compared to the Oscars or the Emmys, but they're often way more fun to watch, especially because all the stars involved get progressively drunker as the night goes on. Also, the past few years were hosted by the bulletproof duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, which has been comedy bliss.

This year, though, Tina and Amy are gone, and Ricky Gervais, who hosted three times in a row before they hosted three times in a row, is back. Gervais is a rather more…acquired taste than his successors, but hey! Maybe he'll be great!

Oh, and also people from the glittering worlds of both film and television will win awards? The Globes are decided by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a notoriously, erm, eccentric group, so who knows what will happen, but here are some people trying to predict who will go home happy. Also, Denzel Washington is getting the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement. Maybe he'll give an oblique, rambling coming out speech like Jodie Foster did?


The whole thing kicks off at 8 PM ET on NBC. (Don't try to watch online: you can't.)