After years of trepidation, our collective national nightmare is nearly over: Election Day is just two weeks away.

You've probably known who you're going to vote for for months, you can find where your polling place is right over here, so only one question remains: Can you get arrested for taking a polling booth selfie in your state?


Here's a very handy map, via the Associated Press, showing where you can legally snap an election booth selfie so you can avoid pulling a Justin Timberlake:

For those counting, that means your November 8 selfies are allowed in 19 states (plus the District of Columbia) and outlawed in 18 states. In the rest of states, the law is either unclear on whether you can snap a pic in the privacy of the booth or photos of only some kinds of ballots are allowed.

The AP has a full rundown of the laws state-by-state.