“Where does a white man get help?” says father of Texas shooter

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Jim Boulware, the father of James Boulware—who was shot and killed by a sniper over the weekend after a standoff with Dallas police—questions mental health services available to white men in the United States.

“Where does a white man get help?” said Boulware of his son in an interview with CNN.


According to police, after Boulware planted pipe bombs and shot at police headquarters, he called 911 and ranted for 4 to 5 minutes about having his son taken from him. Boulware lost custody of his son in 2013, according to CNN.

"Every one of us has a breaking point…He hit his," said Boulware of his son.

Jim Boulware recalled telling his son that his ire was misdirected. It isn’t the fault of the police, he remembers telling his son, “you got to go back to the liberal people who put these laws in place.”

Collier Meyerson is a reporter at Fusion with a focus on race and politics. She lives in Brooklyn.