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Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has made a name for herself on the 2020 campaign trail for being the best prepared and most willing to discuss policy contender. You want takes? Warren’s got ‘em, and she’s not afraid to share them. That policy also extends, of course, to Game of Thrones.


Unfortunately... well...Warren’s Thrones takes don’t hold up so well.

Here’s Warren’s spicy essay about the strong women of Game of Thrones in The Cut:

Daenerys “Stormborn Targaryen has been my favorite from the first moment she walked through fire. Despite being the daughter of the Mad King and the last rightful Targaryen heir to the Iron Throne (until this week), Dany didn’t grow up in the lavish palace walls of the Red Keep.


Uh oh. Liz... we got some bad news.

Dany believes fiercely in her right to rule, but she despises what ruling means in the world she’s grown up in. She doesn’t want to be a slave owner or a dictator — and she definitely doesn’t want to become her murderous father.

Oh... Oh no.

She states her mission clearly in season seven: “I’m not here to murder. All I want to destroy is the wheel that has rolled over everyone both rich and poor, to the benefit of no one but the Cersei Lannisters of the world.” And as much as Dany wants to take on her family’s enemies and take back the Iron Throne, she knows that she must first fight the army of the dead that threatens all mankind. This is a revolutionary idea, in Westeros or anywhere else. A queen who declares that she doesn’t serve the interests of the rich and powerful? A ruler who doesn’t want to control the political system but to break the system as it is known? It’s no wonder that the people she meets in Westeros are skeptical. Skeptical, because they’ve seen another kind of woman on the Iron Throne: the villain we love to hate, Queen Cersei of Casterly Rock.

Danenerys is uh... real bad now. She did a whole lotta war crimes. To be fair to Warren, a whole lotta fans aren’t happy too! The decision to turn everyone’s favorite #Resistance Khaleesi into a lunatic mass murderer was never going to be a popular one, but at least most disappointed Dany fans aren’t uh... running for president.


Fortunately for Warren, there’s still one episode and one week left to get in some retroactive good Thrones takes, which we love here at Splinter if Warren would like to contribute. Just a thought! No take is too dumb for us.

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