Which Vine is Best: Jeb Bush's or John Kasich's?

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Something truly unexpected happened during CNN's Republican presidential primary debate: I got a push notification on my phone saying that Jeb Bush had joined Vine.

According to Vox, fellow GOP hopeful Gov. John Kasich also joined the app Wednesday night, so I thought it'd be fun to compare the two candidates' very first posts to see which one's better. I might be ancient by Vine standards, but one time on a plane a flight attendant asked if I was a member of a traveling group of high schoolers. I can do this.

Here's Jeb's first showing.


In this moment from the debate, Bush asks opponent Donald Trump to apologize for dragging his wife, Columba Bush, into his immigration talking points. Breaking this clip out makes sense for Vine, given the medium's six-second time limit, although it's a little hard to hear what Jeb's is saying over what's Trumpening stage right.

And here's Kasich's debut.

I don't really know when or why I would share this one? With anyone? Maybe if someone asked me if I was worried that Hillary would beat me in Ohio????

And the best Republican presidential candidate vine is…still this cut of Jeb Bush talking about his favorite Apple products.


MacBook Pro, baby.

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