While Pence criticized Clinton's 'insult-driven' campaign, Trump insulted people on Twitter

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Throughout Tuesday night's vice presidential debate Mike Pence repeatedly accused that Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine of running a "insult-driven" campaign.

"[T]he campaign of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine has been an avalanche of insults," Pence said at one point during the debate.


What Pence didn't know at the time was that just as he was accusing the Clinton and Kaine of lobbing unfair insults, Donald Trump was on Twitter personally insulting Tim Kaine through his trademark manual retweets.


Even before Trump used Twitter to launch personal attacks on Kaine, the charge that Clinton—and not Trump—has based her campaign on insults was already laughable. Trump has repeatedly come under fire for insulting women, minorities and public figures on the campaign trail. He frequently creates insulting monikers for his opponents like "crooked Hillary Clinton" or "goofy Elizabeth Warren." Over the past week, his campaign has been attempting to walk back comments he made about the weight and appearance of a former Miss Universe pageant winner.