White Chicagoland high school students held a mock slave auction

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A Chicagoland high school is apologizing for the behavior of a pair of white male students who performed a mock slave auction at a Latin language competition.

On Friday, two Barrington High School students were called to the podium at the hotel where the meet was being held to introduce themselves and their school, NBC Chicago reported. A video taken of the incident (which you can watch above) showed one of the students with a chain around his neck.

"Today we are going to have a Barrington bro for sale," one of the students was recorded saying. "He is now a slave…of the classics."


NBC quoted a black parent in the crowd as saying she couldn't believe her eyes.

"Watching a live slave auction, complete with chains, it was a bit much. It was overwhelming," Danielle McDaniels recalled.

The school district has since released a statement apologizing for the incident and said it was reviewing it to see what actions could be taken. A rep for the district told the Chicago Tribune that the Latin teacher who was in charge of the students, Chris Condrad, publicly apologized at the convention before it was over, and that he did not review it before it was performed.

On Monday, a video was posted to YouTube attempting to document Barrington High School's diversity.