White House Disinvites Pro-Trump Cartoonist From Social Media Summit, Maybe for Being a Bit Too Racist

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Tomorrow, the Trump administration is hosting its first “Social Media Summit,” which is exactly what it sounds like: a far-right shitpost convention.

Let’s take a look at the guest list, or at least what we know of it so far. Matt Gaetz, congressman who’s a moron on Twitter? Check, per the Washington Post. James O’Keefe, the very principled and honest reporter behind Project Veritas? Check. Tim Pool, the YouTuber whose entire career now consists of doing right-wing clickbait videos and then yelling at people who say that he’s right wing? Check. (Disclosure: Pool worked at Splinter’s predecessor, Fusion, before his hard right ideological turn.)

Oh, and these guys have apparently visited the White House already:


Legum’s screenshot is from the Post story linked above. A White House spokesperson declined to comment to Splinter about the guest list for tomorrow’s summit, but you can imagine it’s many of the same characters who love to yell about the conspiracy of conservatives being “silenced” on social media. (According to the paper, Trump hasn’t invited any of the big tech companies.)

The real shock, however, is who the White House disinvited: Trump-loving cartoonist Ben Garrison, perhaps for getting just a bit too anti-Semitic.

Garrison—who is famous for making cartoons of BuffTrump owning the libs, which often turn out to be ludicrously racist and incoherent—tweeted that he was originally invited to the summit.


But as many people, including perennially indignant CNN anchor Jake Tapper, pointed out, Garrison has made some extremely suspect comics in the past. Like this one, from back in 2017, featuring the Rothschilds and Soros playing Jewish puppet masters to American military leaders.


It would appear that someone at the Trump administration realized that, somehow, Garrison’s work was just a little too over the top for a White House invite, and rescinded Garrison’s invitation. After the news, the MAGA cartoons account tweeted that they’d have a comment later today.


As several reporters who cover the online far-right pointed out, Garrison’s comics are often co-opted by even more extreme elements of the right wing, but he certainly gives them plenty to work with.


The Rothschild/Soros cartoon that made headlines after Garrison’s invitation, however, was 100 percent real, and it’s not necessarily an outlier as far as the general tone of his work goes. (He loves his blatant racial tropes, that’s for sure). Far more horrifying, however, is Garrison’s extremely horny depictions of Donald Trump as a weirdly proportioned hunk, which appears in nearly every one of his comics.


Spare a thought for GrrrGraphics today, who must be crushed to miss a chance to meet his muse.

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