White House Gift Shop Is Still Selling Coins for the North Korea Summit That Isn't Happening

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Today, it was announced that President Donald Trump would, in fact, not be meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Trump informed Kim of the cancelation in a letter that read like a cross between a third grader writing to his Korean pen pal and a third grader threatening nuclear war on his Korean pen pal. But that’s beside the point! See, now that the meeting is not happening, there has never been a better time to purchase an original President Trump Korea Singapore Summit Coin, on sale now at the White House Gift Shop’s website.

That’s right! Not only did the White House Military Office already mint commemorative coins for the potential summit between the two leaders (which are misleading because they appear to have installed a chin on the president’s face), but the White House Gift Shop is still selling the coin even though the summit isn’t happening.


They don’t even have an official photo for the coin, but they do have a Deal of the Day price that you just can’t beat! In case you’re wondering how on earth the White House Gift Shop—which proudly proclaims that it was established by a “permanent order” from Harry Truman—can sell something for an event that doesn’t exist and will not exist, they already thought of that, you idiots. The coin includes a disclaimer:


The Coin Will be Made Whether or Not the Summit Occurs as Scheduled

Because the Theme is

Coming Closer to Peace and Celebrates the Act of Communication Among Countries

If Summit Does Not Occur You can Request a Refund but Most Supporters Have Said They Want This Heirloom of Political History Regardless of Outcome.


What supporters did they poll? Are these Trump supporters? Coin supporters? Who cares about the theme of “coming closer to peace” if nothing happened, except for maybe the validation of a brutal dictator? How can something be an heirloom of political history if nothing happened AND THEREFORE THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN BE DESCRIBED AS AN EVENT IN HISTORY? They say that “Propaganda begins when dialogue ends,” but I guess the dialogue never even had to happen to begin with! Nice!