White House Issues Venomous Statement About DACA Recipients After Supreme Court Snub

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After the Supreme Court declined the White House’s request to jump ahead of pending lower court rulings on the future of the DACA program, the Trump administration went out of its way on Monday to remind everyone that, yes, it still absolutely hates DACA recipients.


White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah issued the following statement after the Supreme Court’s decision:

The DACA program — which provides work permits and myriad government benefits to illegal immigrants en masse — is clearly unlawful. The district judge’s decision unilaterally to re-impose a program that Congress had explicitly and repeatedly rejected is a usurpation of legislative authority. The fact that this occurs at a time when elected representatives in Congress are actively debating this policy only underscores that the district judge has unwisely intervened in the legislative process. We look forward to having this case expeditiously heard by the appeals court and, if necessary, the Supreme Court, where we fully expect to prevail.


Keep in mind that these “illegal immigrants” are the same people to whom the president once paid lip service by claiming that he’d “deal with DACA with heart” before yanking the protective program out from under their feet.

What Shah also didn’t mention is that his boss has worked to actively torpedo multiple bipartisan legislative efforts to protect DACA recipients—and those “actively debating” the policy have been a little less active lately, thanks in no small part to the White House’s anti-immigrant obstinance.

The Supreme Court still may end up taking up the lower court cases. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of DACA and DACA-eligible recipients will remain in limbo for the immediate time being.

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