White House Officials Are Now Telling Reporters That Trump's Brain Is Broken

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Perhaps you heard that Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had their much-anticipated summit in Finland today. Suffice it to say, things did not go particularly well—least of all for members of the idiotic pundit class, many of whom are currently in the midst of losing their goddamned minds.

But perhaps more troubling than Trump’s performance itself is the line being floated by some White House officials to explain why the commander in chief is, in effect, a babbling moron.

From Axios’ Jonathan Swan, and Mike Allen (emphasis mine):

A number of people who’ve discussed election meddling with Trump, including current senior administration officials, say his brain can’t process that collusion and cyberattacks are two different things.


Hello doctor? I’m afraid the president is exhibiting symptoms of “bad brain.

Swan and Allen continue:

Trump seems constitutionally incapable of taking anything Mueller finds seriously.


Ego prevents him acknowledging the possibility that any external action could have interfered with his glorious victory.

Ordinarily, the President of the United States having a severe case of mush-mind would be the sort of thing a responsible White House staffer (ha ha!) would, y’know, do something about. But, according to CNN’s Jim Acosta: “Everyone around him is afraid to tell him he shouldn’t do these things.”