White House Owns Self Again by Accidentally Sending Ukraine Talking Points to Democrats

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Earlier today, the Trump administration published a condensed memo (not a transcript!!!) of Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in an attempt to stave off a rapidly accelerating impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives. The memo turned out to be a massive self-own, as Trump clearly implies that U.S. military aid for Ukraine is contingent on Zelensky doing him “a favor.”

As such, the Trump administration and Republican Party as a whole have been scrambling frantically Wednesday morning to organize a response to the memo—which they released—and now it appears they have done so. The only problem is that they sent their proposed talking points directly to House Democrats.

Take a look, per Politico congressional reporter Andrew Desiderio:


Then they apparently tried to “recall” the email, which, good luck.


The response, predictably, seems to be “Zelensky mentioned Giuliani first,” and “FAKE NEWS is the real scandal,” which the House Democrats probably could have predicted. (Unsurprisingly, Fox News is already spitting out a defense of the memo that closely follows the emailed talking points.) Still, nice of the Trump administration to just send them the plan beforehand!

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