Sean Spicer has had a rough first 21 days. He's apparently underperforming at not one but two jobs, he can't keep all the terror attacks on US soil straight, and the boss is mad that he's being mercilessly roasted on "Saturday Night Live."

But somehow, the White House press secretary found time to do an "exclusive" Facebook Live video with the alt-right message board Breitbart after an appeals court panel ruled against reinstating Donald Trump's Muslim ban on Thursday night.

The video begins with an unforgettable bit of mise en scène, with Spicer and Breitbart's White House reporter, Charlie Spiering, sitting at a round table in total silence as the fake news of CNN plays on a wall of TVs behind them.

Spiering starts with a quick recap of the decision involving Trump's executive order restricting immigration from seven "high risk" countries before throwing it over to Spicer: "Sean, what can you tell us about this?"

Spicer responded with the same boilerplate lines of defense he's been using for weeks in daily press briefings and on the cable news circuit before noting the administration is “very confident that we’re going to prevail.”


Spiering asks if the legal matter will go to the Supreme Court, to which Spicer said White House counsel is exploring what the “best legal route is.”

And then, for reasons unclear but deeply amusing to me, we get this Vic Berger-esque shot of the two men.



The hostage video ends with this desperate cry for help from Spiering.


I feel you, man.

Here's the full interview, via Breitbart: