White House Reportedly Can't Plan for How to Deal With Mueller Because Trump Is So Nuts

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Nobody knows what Special Counsel Robert Mueller is going to say when he releases his much-anticipated report detailing his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Was there collusion? Is anyone going to prison? Is the pee tape real??

You’d think the White House would be spending some time prepping for whenever the report drops. But according to a new report from The Atlantic’s Elaina Plott, the Trump administration is going to take its cue from the president himself and pretty much wing the whole thing without any sort of real plan. Seems like a great idea!

Among the reasons why no one is actually working on a serious plan is the constantly rotating cast of characters in Trump’s legal teams. Also the fact that, as Plott notes, whatever plan his aides concoct is likely going to be ignored by Trump, so why bother?


“We would always put together plans with the knowledge that he wouldn’t use them or they’d go off the rails,”a former Trump official told her. “And at this point, with Mueller, they’ve decided they’re not even going to do that.”

“It’s like, ‘Jesus, take the wheel’ but scarier,” the same person said.

According to Trump’s increasingly unhinged attorney Rudy Giuliani, the president is actually busying himself by obsessing over a single player in Mueller’s investigation—Paul Manafort.


“The thing that upsets POTUS the most is the treatment of Manafort,” Giuliani told The Atlantic, adding that after learning Manafort had been placed in solitary confinement “[Trump] said to me, ‘Don’t they realize we’re America?’”

Inhumane prison conditions? Here?? Why I never!

In any case, whenever Mueller deigns to let us in on whatever it is he’s been doing, the only thing anyone can say for sure is that there will be one hell of a tweetstorm from the president. Beyond that all bets are off.