White House Reportedly Mulling Job Offer for Alleged Domestic Abuser Andy Puzder

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Close to a year after Andy Puzder withdrew from the Senate confirmation process for Secretary of Labor, the White House is reportedly considering an as-of-yet undecided job for the fast-food magnate, according to a Politico report published Monday.

Puzder dropped out of the confirmation process last February after opponents began to circulate his divorce records from 1988, along with a 1990 clip from The Oprah Winfrey Show, both of which include testimony from Puzder’s ex-wife that claims he abused her during their marriage.


Politico also reports that his ex-wife has since recanted those claims, but only did so because of a child custody agreement. Puzder has repeatedly denied the allegations.

The relationship between Puzder and White House since he declined the Cabinet post has been friendly—Puzder continues to publicly praise the Trump administration in publications like the Wall Street Journal while the White House promotes the most flattering of those articles.


In an email to Politico, Puzder denied participating in conversations with White House staff about a potential role.