White House's Refusal to Say What Happened With Mike Pence Is Getting Really Weird

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Speaking outside the White House on Wednesday morning, a top staffer for Vice President Mike Pence said he “can’t talk about” why Pence abruptly—and without much explanation—canceled a trip to New Hampshire to stay in Washington earlier this month.

Per CBS’ Mark Knoller, Pence’s chief of staff, Marc Short, cryptically added that maybe he could say more “in a few weeks.”


That comes after the White House said on July 2 that “something came up” which forced Pence to cancel on a scheduled event in New Hampshire. (The White House added that there was “no cause for concern.”) A senior administration official also told CNN that the cancellation was not related to the health of either President Trump or Pence and was not “related to national security.”

Short reiterated that line today, apparently during a game of 20 questions with reporters:

All that non-explanation makes it pretty odd that Pence’s top staffer would continue to be circumspect about this. Maybe we’ll find out more in coming weeks, or, given this administration’s record with transparency and the press, we won’t.

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