But if Mackenzie seems bitter as hell, this exchange she recalls between herself and the truck driver is, dare we say, delicious:

The first time this happened, she recalls, “I went down and said to him, ‘Would you mind turning off the music?’ He looked at me and he was like, ‘What are you talking about?’”

She continued, “I said, ‘It’s illegal for you to have your music on anyway, so could you please turn it off?”

His response: “Fuck off.”

Wow. This American hero is here to serve you sweet treats and exactly zero fucks.


Manhattan, in case Mackenzie needed to be reminded, houses over 1.6 million people, is the densest urban area in the entire country, and is filled with ice cream trucks. Mackenzie, a white woman helping to turn one of America’s oldest and most cherished black neighborhoods into just another rich white playground, is losing her mind because people within a block of her home sometimes emit sounds that she just doesn’t want to hear.

Something else people in Harlem don’t want to hear, though? Mackenzie’s bullshit.


We’ll part with the words of Harlem resident Carolyn Graham, who had this to say to Gothamist about Mackenzie’s quixotic quest:

“They moved to Harlem, and that’s what the fuck happens in Harlem,” Graham told the news site. “They need to go somewhere else if they don’t like it.”