Who Edited This?

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

I’m sure you’re all 9/11-ed out after yesterday, but please do take the time to watch this video, in which a very enthusiastic Donald Trump and his hands spend a full 78 seconds wishing everyone a very happy 9/11, or something along those lines.

Earlier in the day, Trump tweeted a similarly exuberant 9/11 message. Later, he did a fun fist pump ahead of a memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. And on Tuesday night, the White House permitted him to tweet the above message featuring Trump awkwardly shouting in the Rose Garden along with some interspersed shots of him lumbering around various memorials. I very much liked the image of him presumably glaring at a flag:

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Who edited this? Was it Eric? I bet it was Eric.

Here is a full transcript of his narration. I’m not sure if this was a prewritten script or a DJT Original, but by my count, there were a total of seven adjectives, including two “really”s, two “great”s, and two “incredible”s, because 9/11 is really great and incredible! There was also one “horrible,” so maybe something bad happened? IDK:

It’s September 11. And as I stand on the really beautiful lawn of the Rose Garden at the White House, I think of the 3,000 lives lost with the horrible attack on New York City, the World Trade Center, and indeed, the attack on our nation. Now, when I speak of the World Trade Center, I speak as a New Yorker, but I also think as not only a New Yorker, but as an American, of the Pentagon and all the lives lost.

And also, I just left, Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Incredible place, and these were really great, great, heroes that fought so hard, that the plane didn’t do damage to the White House, or the capital, or wherever it was headed, so. Whether in Shanksville, or the Pentagon, or the World Trade Center, these were 3,000 incredible people. We never will let this happen again.

I did not previously think a person could love 9/11 more than Rudy Giuliani, but it appears I was mistaken.

Anyway, party’s over, back to work.


Only 364 more days until the next 9/11!


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