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One of Mexico’s largest companies has painted itself into a corner after trolling the president on Twitter.

Paint company Comex last week tweeted a photoshopped image of President Enrique Peña Nieto standing on a paint bucket next to Spanish King Felipe VI under the headline: Una pintura de altura, a wordplay that refers to both quality and height.


The post was quickly deleted by the company after it went viral in the Mexican tweetosphere. Comex then released a statement apologizing for the post and blaming it on its community manager. “These publications are completely distant from our policies and what we promote as a company,” the statement reads.

It’s not the first time Mexican social media handlers have gotten their clients in hot water for trying to be too clever. Last year, Nestle Mexico apologized profusely after the Twitter handler for Crunch chocolate bar joked about the 43 missing Ayotzinapa students getting “crunched.” In that instance the company quickly distanced itself from the incident by declaring that their social media account had been hacked. And last February, Nissan Mexico claimed its Twitter account had been hacked following a series of bizarre lovestruck messages tweeted on Valentine's Day.

While it's not likely that Peña Nieto will respond to the shorty joke, it's equally unlikely that he'll be commissioning another paint job of his many alleged homes anytime soon.

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