Former Mexican President Vicente Fox really needs to stop tweeting—or at the very least hand his smartphone to a social media savvy kid. Fox, who’s already spent weeks tweeting mostly unintelligible and subliterate messages at the Republican frontrunner, recently shifted the focus of his attack to @Trump— a junk account with no tweets and 328 bot followers.

The @realdonaldtrump is unlikely to have noticed.

Fox's attack on the @Trump seems unwarranted, considering the account still uses the default egg avatar and has never tweeted. But that didn't stop Fox from mocking the egg for losing an important golf tournament to Mexico.


Fox’s latest Twitter rants against Trump invoke Mexican pride and nationalism, but are also off-putting to many Mexicans who think the former president is making a fool of himself. He has recently published awkward video blogs while sitting in traffic, and shouted at Trump while his wife sits patiently at a romantic dinner waiting for her husband to put down the phone.


The former Mexican president has also flip-flopped on his attacks. He recently backtracked and offered Trump an apology for saying he would never pay for his “fucking wall.” So nobody really knows what's going on inside Fox's head these days.

Similar to Trump, he might just be desperate for attention.

When Fox was president, he was known for having no filter. “Mexicans are doing jobs not even blacks want to do,” he once said in support of Mexican immigrants in the U.S.


Now that he's out of politics, Fox might be entering TV—following the exact opposite career arch of his Twitter nemesis.

Mexican media outlet Milenio recently announced they will be giving Fox his own TV show, something that could quickly turn into some of Mexico’s most bizarre programming.