Why is 'How To Vader' in the Top Ten 'How-To' searches?

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

We know that Google is a compendium of knowledge for everything, but do we realize that we are basically all idiots who need constant guidance and help all the time? Perhaps, perhaps not. Seeing as it’s Christmas time and all, plus everyone loves a list, Google have launched the Google 2013 Zeitgeist search list and shared data on some of the top trending search terms in different categories.


Some of the searches are understandable and some are outright hysterical, which is why we need to let you know that it’s OK, if you googled "How to Kiss" (which came in at number six, above number seven, "How to flirt") but we do feel really bad for you that your learned to use the internet without being able to whistle (number eight). However, everyone is a little confused about just what “How to File” means. Filing cabinets? Filing work? Filing nails?

Without further ado, the Trending “How To”searches of 2013 (these are based on searches that had the highest amount of traffic over a sustained period in 2013 as compared to 2012.)

  1. How to Tie a Tie
  2. How to File
  3. How to Get a Passport
  4. How to Blog
  5. How to Knit
  6. How to Kiss
  7. How to Flirt
  8. How to Whistle
  9. How to Unjailbreak
  10. How to Vader

I am very entertained that "How to Vader" comes in at number 10. For the unaware, Vadering was a meme that rose to popularity in 2013, which involved faux annihilation of those around you… with their complicit agreement. And Photoshop. God bless the internet.

Let’s take a look at the top searched for GIF’s

Top Ten Most-Searched Popular GIFs 2013

  1. Twerk GIF
  2. Nope GIF
  3. Jennifer Lawrence GIF
  4. Feels GIF
  5. Thanks Obama GIF
  6. Loki GIF
  7. Sassy GIF
  8. Hump Day GIF
  9. Pitch Perfect GIF
  10. Grumpy Cat GIF

Thank god Grumpy Cat is falling down the list, that’s soo 2012.

Next year, we wonder if GIF’s will still be a thing next year. To be continued…