Why Maleficent and Other Villains > Heroes

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As we gear up to get our fill of nostalgia and general perfectly-manicured eyebrow ferocity with the release of Maleficent, it becomes ever clearer that villains, while they may lose to the hero and heroine, reign forever as our favorites. Villains >>> Heroes.

While the heroes and heroines of so many animated movies are, more often than not, passive and content to simply react to the things happening around them, villains tend to not only be go-getters, but go-getters who are left to fend for themselves as misfits, weirdos, the feared, the misunderstood, the rejected, women and noted bachelors. Also, like I said: Eyebrows.


Maleficent > Aurora

In Maleficent's defense, how hard would it have been to extend an invitation? It also seems like she's the only person in the kingdom willing to employ trolls and goblins, so she's basically a humanitarian.

Scar > Mufasa


I mean, SURE, he murdered his brother. Like, I totally get why we're all really upset about that. But INTERNET SUPER SLEUTHS (Reddit users) believe that Mufasa may have magically placed a curse on his own kingdom, basically starving his family and subjects just because of a little murder. Which makes him even more of a murderer. And isn't a murderer who murders a murderer a hero? No?

Cruella > A Bunch of Dogs


No offense to Roger and Anita, but they're pretty much the world's most irresponsible dog owners. Spay and neuter your pets, guys.

Ursula > Ariel


It was Ariel's own decision to leave her family and fundamentally alter her appearance in order to trick a veritable stranger into falling for her, Ursula just helped. She's not so much a monster as she's a shrewd businesswoman.

Jafar > Aladdin


Like, would you have allowed a member of royalty to go out ruining small business owners' lives in the company of a renowned thief?

Captain Hook > Peter Pan


I mean, if you think about it, this is basically the story of a man trying to bring down a serial kidnapper.

Lady Tremaine > Cinderella


If my stepdaughter talked to rats, I probably wouldn't bring her to parties, either.

Shan Yu > Mushu


Mushu is just really annoying.

Yzma > Kuzco


Ymza was unjustly fired by a petulant teen and is also everything I want to be when I grow up, right down to the lashes and magical ability to ruin people's lives.

That Queen Tho > Snow White


I mean, yes, this woman is unrepentantly evil. But her name is technically "Evil Queen," so what did everyone expect?

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