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Drew Nachreiner suffers from cerebral palsy, and in the video below, claims that he was in a car accident that destroyed his wheelchair. The sixteen-year-old also says that Geico is unwilling to pay for a replacement.


Details about the accident and the nature of the insurance claims are not known at the time (and are being confirmed by Fusion). However, a newspaper story last year said that, at the time of the accident, Nachreiner was using his speed wheelchair to help his step mom train for a half-marathon.

In the video, Nachreiner says via posterboard that he was hit by a car while crossing the street. "Geico is refusing me a new wheelchair, claiming loss of a wheelchair is not bodily harm," he writes. You can watch the rest of the video here:


The video is sad and touching, though it raises more questions than it answers. Many of these were also brought up on Reddit, where the video was first gaining traction:

mspencer: I guess I don't understand the entire story. So, the person who hit you has Geico insurance? And they will not pay for the wheelchair? Then you need to hire an attorney and sue the people who hit you. It is their responsibility to take care of the damage. The insurance company they hired is for their own protection, not yours. You sue the people who hit you. Sue them for the chair and loss of mobility, include attorneys fees in there. Sounds like a cut and dry case.

OdinUSMC: I was an injury claims adjuster for a long time. There are a lot of things we dont [sic] know here. Im not a huge fan of GEICO but ive never know them to refuse payments when they owe it. A wheelchair is not covered under BI liability. Never will be, its covered under property damage liability. My first though [sic] is that the policy limits are so low that they may not have the money on the policy to pay for it. I believe FL state minimum for PD is 5k. If They dont have enough they can pay immediantly [sic]. Dont waste time on a lawyer yet. Lawyers dont scare insurance companies. I would ALWAYS rather work with an attorney because they know the rules and being professional benefits them. Now, your state department of insurance does scare the company. File a D.O.I. complaint and see what happens. Sorry about your situation. I know its frusterating [sic], im glad he wasnt injured more seriously.

destroyallastromen: I watched the video. Geico claims that his wheel chair is not bodily injury. Which is correct it's property. He says that his wheelchair are his legs. That sounds like plaintiff bar coaching. It's contract law at that point pretty cut and dry. I am wondering if this was in litigation and the attorney did not plead property damage.


The video is well on its way to going viral. Whether GEICO is culpable or not, they’ll likely have to answer because the Internet. Fusion reached out to both parties but have yet to hear from either side as of this writing.

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