Wife of American Detained In Iran Wants the A$AP Rocky Treatment From Trump

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The wife of Xiyue Wang, an American who is being detained in an Iranian prison wants President Donald Trump to intervene in her husband’s case, just like Trump did for A$AP Rocky.


“Mr. Rocky just quickly got released after two days of intervention from Mr. President,” Hua Qu said, according to the New York Times. “I believe the ordeal of my husband and other unjust detention cases deserve the same level of attention.”

Wang was arrested in 2016 during a research trip for his doctoral degree. He is suspected of espionage, which the U.S. government has denied. “He is in a very cramped underground cell with no natural light, living together with over 25 cell mates,” Qu told CBS News.

Qu told reporters that she’s relied on Swiss diplomats to relay messages between Iran and America’s State Department. But as of last week, “there has literally been no progress,” she said, according to the Times. The State Department told the paper it was determined to see Wang released, but gave no details beyond that.