Will Trump allow waterboarding? Not on McCain's watch.

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Republican Senator John McCain is pushing back against the president-elect's comments on torture and says violating U.S. and international law will land Donald Trump in court "in a New York minute." McCain himself was tortured as a prisoner of war.

“I don’t give a damn what the president of the United States wants to do. We will not waterboard,” McCain said today during the Halifax International Security Forum according to POLITICO. “We will not torture people … It doesn’t work.”

A Senate report released earlier this year found that torture is ineffective and it's "the most authoritative and comprehensive finding since the US launched its so-called “war on terror” more than 13 years ago," according to The Guardian.


Even so, Trump wants to use more extreme forms of torture than waterboarding. An announcement he made yesterday is in line with his rhetoric: Trump says he wants Republican Representative Mike Pompeo to head the CIA. According to POLITICO, Pompeo "has defended Bush-era interrogation programs that included waterboarding and other techniques widely defined as torture as 'within the law, within the constitution.'"

Bet you're longing for the days when moderate-maverick-turned-mainstream-Republican Senator John McCain and his sidekick Sarah Palin were the most concerning threat to progressive values right about now.

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