William Barr and Nancy Pelosi Are Having Fun

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Here’s a nice little anecdote about two of the most powerful people in Washington D.C. having a laugh about President Donald Trump’s efforts to deliberately create a constitutional crisis.

On Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Attorney General William Barr were on hand at the annual National Peace Officers Memorial Service at Capitol Hill, where administration officials and lawmakers were on hand to hear Trump insist that anyone convicted of killing a member of law enforcement should “immediately with trial get the death penalty.”

In keeping with the levity and good-natured atmosphere that comes with an event commemorating fallen police officers, multiple witnesses stated that Barr approached Pelosi and loudly joked: “Madam Speaker, did you bring your handcuffs?”—a reference to the fact that Pelosi has threatened to jail administration officials found in contempt of congress.


For her part, Pelosi reportedly responded with a hilarious jape of her own, noting that the House Sergeant at Arms was indeed on hand. The two then laughed and each went along their merry way.

Truly encouraging to see the spirit of bipartisanship is alive and kicking.