Woman catches Batman-crazed boyfriend cheating, sells his Batmobile on Craigslist

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When Amy Estrada bought her boyfriend a Dodge Nitro, she thought the gift would be a symbol of their everlasting love for each other.

Over time, her partner outfitted the car with dozens of little accents alluding to his love of Batman, turning it into his very own Batmobile. What Estrada didn't know was that it was actually another woman paying for the various accoutrements that turned the compact SUV into a would-be super vehicle.

The Nitro featured a number of Batman-inspired logos as well as a customized license plate meant to resemble one that a person might drive in Gotham City.


When Estrada realized that her Bruce Wayne was cheating on her, though, she promptly dumped him. First on her list of things to offload from their relationship? The Batmobile that she technically owned. She went so far as to let her philandering boyfriend (and any potential buyers) know exactly why her car was on the market.

"He really underestimated my intelligence," Estrada told Fox Detroit. "Since the car was in my name, I decided to repossess it from him."

Estrada proceeded to put the car up for sale for a relatively reasonable $18,000.


In total, Estrada estimates, the addition modifications made to the car to give it Bluetooth and other enhancements totaled about $5,000, all of which, she alleges, were provided by another woman.

"I knew that this was the way that I could just…hurt him where it counted," Estrada explained. "I outsmarted the con artist."