Women are rallying around #nastywoman after Donald Trump's sexist debate slur

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It was like a sad last whimper from the most misogynistic candidate to run for president in modern American history. As the clock ticked down to the end of the third debate, Donald Trump couldn’t resist getting in a final interruption as Hillary Clinton knocked him for his habit of not paying taxes.


“Such a nasty woman,” he whined.


That was thirty minutes after he claimed “nobody respects women more than I do,” which was so ridiculous that Fox moderator Chris Wallace had to quiet the audience’s laughter.

For women watching around the country, it was obvious what needed to be done next:

every feminist i know has already reclaimed “nasty woman”

— Lindsey Adler (@Lahlahlindsey) October 20, 2016

Be the nasty woman you'd like to see in the world.

— Kashana (@kashanacauley) October 20, 2016


You get the picture.

There’ll be a certain poetic justice when millions of #NastyWomen vote in November to end this man’s sexist, violent candidacy.

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